A great day

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Finally got some nice weather over the weekend, so we headed outdoors to hop a ferry across from the west side of PugetĀ  Sound over to Seattle (http://bit.ly/baBQlP). Sure, we could drive there quicker, but that wasn’t our aim.

Near the ferry landing in West Seattle, there’s a wonderful local park that overlooks the Sound and has lots of tree, trails and playground stuff.

On a day such as the one we experienced Saturday, you get breathtaking views of Mount Rainier from the ferry. For perspective, remember when viewing the photos below that the mountain’s more than 70 miles away. If you wander back to look off the stern during the crossing, you get great views of the Olympics.

To cap our great day off, we had dinner with friends back home in Sumner.

We’re very ready for summer to get here in earnest.


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  1. Ben Hobrink on June 9th, 2010 7:08 am

    Hello John,

    About a year ago I asked your permission to use your picture of a peacock in my upcoming book in English “Modern Science in the Bible”. You then kindly gave me that permission.

    Alas, the book is not published yet, but when it is ready, I will send you a free copy – as you have asked for.

    My new question:
    I am writing a little booklet, only in Dutch language, and only containing the text of one of the chapters of the “big book”.
    Would you please be so kind and give me permission again, to use the peacock in the little book?
    It will only be about 5.000-10.000 copies in the course of the years. Halve a page picture, black and white.

    Looking forward to your answer,

    Kind regards,

    Ben Hobrink
    The Netherlands

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