Dawn of the Universe

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2010-05-15 21-09-13 - 0115_resize

Something a little different today. Ally and I recently had a little fun doing some light painting using glow sticks.  I particularly like the one above, which someone on Flickr said put them in mind of  the birth of the universe. If you click to see it full size, you should be able to make out a photo of Ally and me on the fireplace mantle at the top right of the image.  A few more below: tuba, pulled caramel,  and, well, I can’t think of anything the other one looks like. Ideas?

A great day

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2010-06-05 16-50-29 - 0040

Finally got some nice weather over the weekend, so we headed outdoors to hop a ferry across from the west side of Puget  Sound over to Seattle (http://bit.ly/baBQlP). Sure, we could drive there quicker, but that wasn’t our aim.

Near the ferry landing in West Seattle, there’s a wonderful local park that overlooks the Sound and has lots of tree, trails and playground stuff.

On a day such as the one we experienced Saturday, you get breathtaking views of Mount Rainier from the ferry. For perspective, remember when viewing the photos below that the mountain’s more than 70 miles away. If you wander back to look off the stern during the crossing, you get great views of the Olympics.

To cap our great day off, we had dinner with friends back home in Sumner.

We’re very ready for summer to get here in earnest.

Love & Peace

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2010-05-08 19-30-20 - 0021_1020

Sam’s turn today for a photo update. We’ve got a lot of cute happening around our house these days…then, of course, I’m a bit biased in my opinions.

2010-05-08 19-33-32 - 0028_1020

Something for the wall

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2010-05-16 19-21-33 - 0006_small

Ever since I got an iPhone earlier this year, my “real” camera has been gathering way too much dust. I pulled it back out over the weekend and grabbed some shots of the kids. I’ll post more soon, but this one immediately caught my eye as a keeper. It’ll be framed and on the wall someplace in the house soon.  How can she look that grown up already?

Two thousand and ten

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2009-12-26 13-50-05 - 0067_big

After an absence of several months, a new post on the blog.  I really like this photo of Ally — 5-years-old going on 15. Haven’t shot too much of note lately, in part because of the influence of the iPhone I got for Christmas (yippee!). It takes  creditable shots, especially outside, and is pretty much always with me. So the big gun has been left behind a bit lately. But the iPhone shots don’t hold together when you blow them up or do much editing, so they’ll be relegated to Facebook for now (find me there at facebook.com/johnrite).

Below is a shot of Samantha from Christmas on her new indoor climbing distraction, and a few cheap stunt bokeh photos of holiday lights just for grins. I’ve resolved for 2010 to keep the blog more up to date and to get out of the house more to shoot something besides my kids in the living room — although there’s sure to be plenty of those for Facebook.

Snow run

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2009-11-28 16-16-19 - 0008_resize

We were getting a bit stir crazy hanging around the house over the Thanksgiving holidays, and so decided to pack everyone up and go play in the snow near the Crystal Mountain ski area.  This was Samantha’s first time to walk on snow, and she was alternately giddy and frightened. Ally and I took some runs with our little saucer sled, although that was fairly tough going, as the snow along either side of the little run people had packed down was very loose and deep, and the run itself pretty treacherous.  Ally was a trooper until she started getting snow down in her boots.  But it was a fun break.

Change of seasons

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2009-10-11 16-07-13 - 0035

Some random shots of the girls taken recently. The one above is at a pumpkin patch we went to before Halloween. Ally waited an eternity in line to get her face painted, but was very happy with the results. Also have a shot in this set of Samantha in partial costume (she was a lady bug) as she was getting ready to head off to go trick or treating at the local high school where her day care is located. Also threw in a couple non-kid shots to remind myself I can still take those now and then. Before kids, that’s primarily what I shot. Since kid number two, not so much.

Up and around

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2009-09-27 13-13-00 - 0025_resize

Can’t believe I haven’t posted anything to the blog all summer. Only excuse I have is that it’s been a fun and active summer and crazy busy at work.  In the interim, both of my girls have continued to grow like weeds, with the changes most apparent with Samantha. She’s now walking, saying a few words, getting into everything and rarely failing to entertain us all. So for our return to the blog, here are some recent shots of her.

Wet and wild

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2009-06-03 18-51-09 - 0007_small

Got some shots today of Samantha having fun with her new water table in the back yard, Ally on her Slip n’ Slide in the front yard, and Samantha trying out her new swing with mixed results. Also have included a couple of pics I grabbed last month when we traveled to Yakima for a church event and the kids got to frolick in the hotel pool.


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A handful of sentimental favorites of mine that pre-date the photo blog but have been up on Flickr.  For the sake of adding to my online digital photography record, which is only a couple of years old, I thought I’d stick a few of these up.

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